Friday, September 21, 2007

Cracking week, Gromit

Hi folks. Sorry about the delay, but I can't do this in my lunchtimes any more, and as you will soon discover, I have been a busy boy.

Scoring Freebies. Now in my line of work, I am lucky enough to be a 'client' and therefore I get taken out to the occasional lunch or even dinner at a nice restaurant. Yes, I am a lucky barbarian.

THIS week, however, has been a complete bloody cracker.

On Monday, a mate of mine from pub trivia calls me. A few of us had been talking a week back about the musical of War of the Worlds. My Dad played this to me a lot as a kid, so I remember the music and the songs. Perhaps a little daggy, but this thing has lasers up the wazoo, a 10 piece band, a 40 piece string section, Justin Heyward from the Moody Blues (bastard is clearly a cyborg as he hasn't changed either in sound or appearance in 30 years), and A CG HOLOGRAM OF RICHARD BURTON MATCHED TO HIS VOICE NARRATION. Hmm, a little excited then. So friend calls, he has tickets. A tad nervous, as the tickets were heaps, but I figured what the hell. Then he tells me they are FREEBIES. sorry, more caps. The production was awesome and we had a ball.

I go to work on Wednesday, to find our marketing manager in a bit of a froth. No ladies, not like that. There is a client lunch on, and a few of the powers-that-be have pulled out at the last minute. I am a team barbarian so I say yes, I have met a couple of the clients, so I can go. Where is it? Darling Harbour? Sure, that is ok. What is the occasion? Oh, some politician giving a speech... WTF? It is the AL GORE lunch? (I really have to stop it doing that).

Lunch is quite nice, in the way of these things where they are catering for 500 people. Then Al comes out, and starts talking. Let me tell you, I have never heard a more eloquent, logical, passionate and convincing speech in my life. I mean, I can only begin to imagine how different the world might be if this man had actually won the US election. He took a number of questions, and his answers were thoughtful and as eloquent as his original speech. I am convinced.

Plus I am going to Oktoberfest at the Concordia Club tomorrow night, then Feastability in Newtown on Sunday.

Does life get any better than this?


At 2:04 pm, Blogger Steph said...

Gah! You are SUCH a nerd.

Bless your geeky heart.

At 6:35 am, Blogger Thursday's Child said...

Damn. That beats my lunch at Parliament House with JH and the Canadian PM.

At 5:17 pm, Blogger WJ said...

Um Steph, thanks, but you sound just a little surprised - have you been paying absolutely NO attention?

Look up nerd in wikipedia and you will see a photo of a barbarian with a bowl cut, glasses and a loicloth protector for my styli.

TC, it isn't a competition really. Although I think I do win, in this case...

At 9:29 pm, Blogger Original Mel said...

It only gets better if you're at the ACTUAL, REAL LIVE GERMAN OKTOBERFEST (sorry for caps but I am having an AMAZING time!!)

At 12:03 pm, Blogger Steph said...

OriginalMel wins. *le sigh*

I've been paying attention mofo! I just didn't realise the extent to which you are afflicted.

At 7:05 am, Blogger Thursday's Child said...

I hate it when you beat me WJ, so I am most pleased when OMel beats you :)

At 6:20 pm, Blogger WJ said...

Hmm, yes, O Mel does win. I am a gracious winner, and so I wish her all the best over there in Munchen.

I am going to have a totally awesome weekend. I, er, just don't feel like going into details, and that has nothing to do with the fact that others might be having a better one. No really...

At 5:21 am, Anonymous SouthernBelle said...

Ooh Feastability... anything with feast in the name has got to be good, right?

if only there was some kind of sci fi convention... it'd be perfect!
; )


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