Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dayel 02 05 06

“Righto, now that I have saved your pathetic asses, let’s get a move on” said Mal the Magic-user. “but we don’t have any donkeys,” said the Ranger, and he and the Elvish cut-purse looked at each other and started giggling hysterically, falling about the floor of the cavern.

“Follow me, and spare me your shit humour, or I’ll give you a feel with Bigby’s Enormous Fist like those little shits” said Mal, toeing the dead creatures scattered before them. He started off towards the doorway on the far wall of the cavern. “Yeah, follow us” said the dwarf, who pushed a button on the handles of his magical device and started pushing it along with one leg, while balancing on it with the other. He stopped long enough to take his axe from the kobold he had killed. The pixie-esque girl in pink, who had been hiding behind Mal during the battle, checked her appearance in a piece of polished silver. “Gosh, sugar, I almost got some blood on this here dress of mine” she said. “Hey, you aren’t from Americia, remember?” cried Mal and the dwarf in unison.

“OK, come on kids” said the cleric, taking a quick swig of Holy Water before ushering her brood after the party leader. “Ugh, whatever” muttered the martial artist, crossing her arms and following “I still have a headache, and I can’t be arsed with all this fucking adventuring.”

Dayel allowed the group to proceed into the passageway, and then stealthily made his way after them.

Dayel allowed the group to get well ahead of him, as they were still making a lot of noise. Obviously, he thought to himself, they were confident in their ability to deal with whatever trouble they got themselves into, or loved the sound of their own voices, or both. “Right! Let’s see what we can find!” came the voice of Mal the magic-user. “Yeah, let’s see!” came the slightly higher voice of the dwarf.

The passage continued for some distance, and Dayel sensed that the temperature was rising. This usually meant that they were approaching an inhabited part of the dungeons, or there was a natural source of heat ahead. Certainly lots of hot air, he mused.

The noise from the group diminished, and Dayel decided to catch up so he wouldn’t lose them in the labyrinth. He emerged cautiously into a small cavern to see them disappearing, with as much stealth as they could manage, into a doorway at the other side. As he began to cross the open space, he sensed a presence, and quickly ducked back into hiding. He looked around the area with his infravision, but could see nothing. The elf sensed that whatever was there was following the group, and as the presence moved down the passage, he again moved off.


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