Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dayel 21 04 06

The kobolds tried to slow their charge as they saw a large group of prepared adventurers before them, rather than the easy pickings they had envisaged. The warriors who had suddenly appeared further terrified them, but their numbers and momentum carried them into this immobile rank. They immediately started tearing and biting at these fighters, more in fear now than anger. However, after a few moments, they realized that these warriors were not fighting back. As it dawned on the creatures that these enemies were not real, they pushed through the phantasms towards the adventurers with a renewed howling. The ranger immediately loosed an arrow, taking one of the first through the eye, and the dwarf expertly threw an axe and caught another in the groin.

The elvish cutpurse, so recently obviously the worse for wear on account of unknown influences, moved silently in the shadows, barely discernable to even Dayel’s excellent sight. As he watched, a dagger sliced through the air to take one of the charging creatures in the chest, and with a rapid motion she drew another from her belt. The female fighter who Dayel had heard complaining merely stood as the kobolds ran towards her. “You might want to draw your sword” thought Dayel, but as the first kobold prepared to lunge at her, she pivoted quickly and kicked high and fast. The kobold’s head snapped back. “I have a fucking HEADACHE!” she cried, and the kobolds scrambled to avoid her.

In the meantime, as the group of adventurers showed surprising abilities in their battle with the horde of angry dog-men, the cranky old magic-user was in the final throes of spell preparation. Dayel sensed that this was fairly powerful magic, and he watched developments with professional interest. The old man began a series of complex hand gestures, using several raw materials that he had obviously prepared. Suddenly a huge hand appeared and grabbed most of the kobolds in its immense grip, squeezed, and dropped their motionless bodies on the ground. Seeing what had happened to their fellows, the remaining monsters howled in fear and fled. The old man let them go, and Dayel had just enough time to move out of their way as they ran past him on all fours.

“Now THAT is how to deal with mangy dogs,” said the magic-user with satisfaction.

“Mal, I know this is your adventure and all, but we had those planks under control” yelled the dwarf. ‘Bullshit” came the reply “you fuckers would be stuffed without me, and never forget it!”

“Oh, I know Mal, I was just trying to keep these guys in line until you showed up, thank the gods you are here,” said the sycophantic dwarf, trundling up to the magic user. “Gimme a break” muttered the martial artist, and the illusionist looked disgustedly at the scene “Oh, perlease fingers. You are such a suck, eh. Git oot…”


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