Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dayel 11 04 06

Dayel watched as the kobolds followed the group of adventurers. He was amazed that the party had not heard the creatures behind them, however as he could still hear them arguing from his vantage point, they were clearly oblivious to their surroundings. The kobolds were grunting to one another in their half-human doggerel. One, clearly the leader, was slightly bigger than the others, and wore a loincloth of soiled silk. "Ugh, me King Dom, me say we follow, no attack yet." The kobolds began growling among themselves, but quickly quieted down as the leader looked around angrily. One of the hideous creatures had two heads, and the leader called it over."You, mantle-dog, you watch no-one come" he ordered, and it moved to the back of the pack, as they moved off into the darkness.

Dayel prepared to proceed after the monsters, fascinated by what would happen when they chose to attack (and more than a little interested in either stepping in to help or cleaning up the remainder)...

As he steadied himself, he heard more steps coming down the passageway. These were more furtive, yet his keen Elvish hearing detected two sets of footfalls. He once again settled back to see who, or what, was next in the procession. He did not have long to wait.

He saw two figures come into view. The first was a wizened human wearing clean and expensive robes of a magic-user. With him walked a female who looked human, but with a hint of pixie blood. She wore clothes that were of differing cuts, but were all pink. They somehow seemed to go together, and this adventurer had clearly taken some time to assemble this collection. "Now, y'all know we just gotta see what happens to 'em, don't ya." she said in a strange voice. "For fucks sake, SB, or whatever you call yourself this fucking week, I fucking RUN this show ok, and I say you have to stop speaking in that stupid fucking accent. You don't come from Americia, and you sure as fuck don't sound like it." the female's power lip quivered, but the man pressed on irrespective. "I want to show those fucking kobolds who is the boss." He began rummaging in the pouches at his belt.


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